I have sat down at my computer 3 times to write an about me section. All three times I've closed this with out saving it! So, here goes number four. To start, I'm a stay at home Mom to the most beautifully intelligent little girl I could ever ask for. She amazes me every day with something new. That's my first job, and favorite job. She always comes first over everything. In March 2012 my little family made the move to Kenmare, ND to start our lives. The economy in Michigan just wasn't beneficial for us. My husband was working so hard for peanuts and I wanted to stay at home with our daughter. We decided the move was the only way I was going to be able to not go back to my full time job and keep Ava out of daycare. So here we are in North Dakota. On a whim I promoted my photography and things just kind of took off for me. I'm busier now than I have been in 5 years. It's amazing. I love every second of what I do. And I'm learning and growing every time I meet a new family and work with them. And, I still get to stay at home with my daughter. I never thought that this would turn into what it has for me but I'm so thankful that things are going so well for us. I've been able to help with our finances and it feels good. It was difficult for me to not be at work daily even though I knew what I was doing was far more important than any 9-5 job I've ever held. I love my daughter and husband, and the life we have and I love that I am able to turn my passion into something that helps support our family.




I am no longer working in North Dakota. I now work in Appleton, WI and the surround Fox Valley areas. 

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